St. Thomas

Catamaran Ride

St Thomas is a beautiful island and it is also very busy. The cruise ship port is located in the Charlotte Amalie harbor. Charlotte Amalie is the capital of St Thomas and the largest city on the island. This is why it is so busy, but it also means there is a lot to do there. Many people will do excursions because there is a long list of activities to choose from. On our first visit to the island we took a shore excursion on a catamaran to snorkel at turtle cove. It was a beautiful trip and the tour company was wonderful. Even if you don’t snorkel the trip to the cove is worth it.



We decided to island hop after one of our cruises and stayed 4 days on St. Thomas to explore the island. We rented a beautiful home with a view of water island. It is a difficult island to navigate because it is very mountainous and the roads are narrow and winding. Oh, and don’t forget you drive on the LEFT side of the road! The cars have steering wheels on the left like you drive in the states but keep your shoulder to the shoulder when you drive. It takes some getting used to, turning corners was our issue at first but after an hour or so we got the hang of it. Locals are always helpful when you need directions so you can’t really get lost.


Lindbergh Bay Beach

There are plenty of beaches to visit, we checked out two. The first and most popular is Megan Bay Beach. It is located on the north side of the island and is a favorite shore excursion destination. This makes the beach busy on days where several cruise ships are at port. It has a restaurant, gift shop, bathrooms and life guards on duty daily. If you are looking for something a little less busy, we also visited Lindbergh Bay Beach. It is located near the airport and not far from downtown Charlotte Amalie. It also has a restaurant and bathrooms but there are no lifeguards. However it does have water sport rentals at a booth near one of the hotels alongside the beach. We rented a two person jet-ski for an hour and had a blast spotting the sea turtles. The beach is a little less known by tourists so we got there early in the morning and only a handful of locals were there which made it very peaceful.

St Thomas is a very lush and populated island. It is a much busier island than the others but it also has a lot to offer. There are many accommodation choices on the island. From small hotels to huge resorts. Many Resorts are in the process of rebuilding after the Hurricanes in 2017, but there are still plenty of options if you want to stay on the island and explore.




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