St. Croix in a Nutshell


As I said in the last blog, St Croix is a favorite place of mine. Although it is only 7 miles wide and 22 miles long, it has so much to offer.

Surrounded by the Caribbean sea it has a diverse landscape. From amazing mountaintop views on Mount Eagle and scuba diving on Buck island to dry desert like landscape at Point Udall on the east end and Sandy Point National Wildlife refuge on the west end with its 3 miles of sandy beaches.

There are two main towns on St Croix, Christiansted and Fredriksted.  Fredriksted is on the west end and is one of the cruise ship ports. When no ships are docked, it is a pretty calm and quiet place to be. There are beaches to walk and it is home to Fort Fredrik, constructed in the mid 1700’s to protect the town from pirate raids. You can walk along side the fort and imagine what is was like back then and take pictures next to rusted out canons. Christiansted is the other town located on the northeast side of the island. It has solid stone buildings in pastel colors with bright red tile roofs that line the cobblestone sidewalks. It is larger than Fredriksted and home to the Christiansted National Historic Site which is an amazing area to explore. Nearby is the waterfront, which has a variety of cafes and shops that make it a popular place for tourists to visit.


We were there for 3 days and I wish it had been a lot longer. There were so many places we did not have a chance to visit. The island is only around 82 square mile so you can drive from one end to the other in no time. The people we met were all friendly, helpful and willing to tell you all about what the island had to offer. Because not many cruise ships stop on St Croix, it is not nearly as tourist oriented as most of the other Caribbean islands so you get a more genuine kindness from the locals.

We rented a small one room apartment centrally located on the island and it was perfect. Nothing big or fancy and it was surrounded by lush vegetation and hiking trails. We took one morning and hiked up to a beautiful scenic overlook of the island.

Overlook of St Croix

We enjoyed our time on the island, there is so much to do there and we only touched the surface. There is some amazing scuba diving areas on Buck Island and night diving in Fredriksted. They have Salt River Bay National Historical Park and Ecological Preserve to visit and the Cruzan Rum distillery open for touring.

St Croix has a lot to offer if you are looking for a quiet and relaxing Caribbean island to visit.

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