Whats it all About?

Welcome to Just Talk'n Travel!

You may be asking yourself " whats this blog all about? Well, a little bit of everything I guess. I would not say I am a travel guru but nor am I a novice to traveling. I grew up in central Kansas and my travel experience as a child was visiting my grandmother in Iowa or visiting my Aunt and Uncle in Saint Louis Missouri. I have great memories of those visits, but not exactly a world traveler. As an adult I made it my mission, not only to give my children a chance to see more of the world, but to travel to places I had dreamed of. 

As I said before, I am no travel guru but I have made many of my destination dreams come true. My travel business and this blog is an extension of that mission. I love to plan travel and most of all I love to travel to new places myself. In this blog I will be talking about all sorts of travel related information. From destinations I have visited and those I still dream to see, to tips, tricks and products I have found to make traveling easier.

My hope is that you find my insight and information useful and that it inspires you to make some of your travel dreams a reality too. Please feel free to leave comments or ideas from your own experiences, I would love to hear them!

Happy Travels!

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